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Dear Mauritian Voice Chat c/o Webmaster
This e-mail will be very helpful for the Mauritian people and US! Your Mauritian Businesses & Mauritian Cultural Centers will do great here!! If you know any who is interested in restoring a syangogue call (919)-734-1111 (Look for the extension for David Weil, Weil Enterprises) or e-mail which is Mr. Arnold Leder. This is a historical synagogue and is the 2nd oldest synagogue in our state of North Carolina. It was built in 1886. If you know any Mauritian Jews who would be interested, please contact these 2 people!!
The following information will be very helpful for the Mauritian people and US!!

ACTION temporaries
2419 E. Ash Street
P.O. Box 1312
Goldsboro, NC 27533
Goldsboro Office Availability Line (919)-734-2168.
Please call and leave your name and phone number each day you are available for an assignment!
Goldsboro Flea Market Information 2102 Wayne Memorial Dr Goldsboro (919)-735-6505
Office (919)-736-4422 or Toll Free Dial 1 Then 800-282-3532
Berkeley Mall Goldsboro's Mall
Mall Management Office at (919)-778-4616 or FAX (919)-778-8556
& the Downtown Flea Market & Auction 217 N Center St Goldsboro call them at (919)-734-0641
Many of the Arabs here are from Yemen, and Lebanon, and other Arab nations!! There is a girl I know at my Wayne Community College who is Gujarati and misses her Gujarati Culture & Gujarati Heritage..Maybe you can help us..

In fact most of the Arabian families own most of the businesses on William Street and Slocumb Street. There will soon be a Little Arabia District!! I am a dreamer! There are also a lot of Hawaiians here in Goldsboro, North Carolina too!! There are a few Armenian, Turkish, Persian, etc. Maybe you can help us. We would love to learn about Mauritian Culture & Heritage..There use to be a Lebanese/Syrian Club here in Goldsboro, North Carolina because of so many coming here, maybe in the future it will open up again!! There is also a Egyptian Coptic family here who also miss their culture and heritage. There is a Armenian who has been here in Goldsboro, North Carolina who owns a frame and art shop, and has been here for 20 years and was voted the best in Wayne County, North Carolina. Bring some more Mauritian Businesses & Mauritian Cultural Centers, I know there are a lot of Armenians in Africa. Tell them about him! His phone number is (919)-735-9128! Also there are a few Greek familes here in Goldsboro, North Carolina who miss their culture and heritage. Maybe you can help us..But I miss Mauritian Culture & Mauritian Heritage..Are there any Armenians in Mauritius??
There are a lot of Chinese families here in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Majority are from Hong Kong and mainland China, up to 150 families and still growing. Many miss their Chinese culture and heritage. Maybe you can help us.. Your Mauritian Businesses will do excellent here and along with Mauritian Cultural Centers, and people will learn and enjoy as well...I can already see a Little Hong Kong Section here in Goldsboro and even Little Chinatown or Little Mauritius!! There are a lot of families from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and a Sikh family also a Parsi lady here in Goldsboro, North Carolina! People do not know how to fun! Your Mauritian music is beautiful!! There are a few Hispanic families from Central America, South America, and the Caribbean familes here in Goldsboro, North Carolina..
I have some more important information that will be very helpful for the Mauritian people! I live the subdivision of Deerwood here in Wayne County, North Carolina USA! We hav e some houses for sale and a spot of land for sale here in Deerwood, here is the list: (919)-751-1942; (919)-778-4139 & (919)-778-3300 These 3 phone numbers are houses for sale in the subdivision of Deerwood. The last phone number is land for sale here in Deerwood, here is that phone number (919)-751-8550!
I have two more important websites for houses for sale here in Wayne County, North Carolina. Enjoy...
Thank you and I wish the Mauritian people good luck here in Wayne County, North Carolina in the wonderful U.S.A.!!
I am writing from Goldsboro, North Carolina in! the United States of America. I have some websites that will be very helpful for the Mauritian people of and US!! Here is the list: (This organization does business with thousands of international companies around the globe. Many have been very successful in boosting our economy and bringing excellent jobs for workers! Your Mauritian businesses will do excellent here). The other website is organization helps restore old buildings in our downtown area, you can invest in this property and use it for Mauritian businesses & Mauritian Cultural Centers too!). Your Mauritian businesses & Mauritian Cultural Centers will do excellent here and people will learn and finally enjoy life once again. We would like to learn about Mauritius's history, language, religion, food, dances, etc.
Also I have a few more websites that will be very helpful for the Mauritian people and US! Here is the list: This website has excellent choices for jobs and employment services. The other website is: (We need well-educated doctors and nurses in every medical field!) & Their phone number should be on the website.
Thank ! you and your people shall do excellent here.
P.S. Write back as soon as possible!! Also I have another important address that will be helpful for the Mauritian people:
Chamber of Commerce of Wayne County
308 N. William St.
P.O. Box 1107
Goldsboro, NC 27533
Fax: (919)-734-2247
John S. Peacock, Pres.
I have one last website that will also be helpful:
& one last one:
I have a very important article that will be very helpful for the Mauritian people and us! Here is the article:
Updated on Sunday, January 14, 2001 12:04:35 AM.
Wayne needs more industry sites, EDC told
ATLANTIC BEACH -- Wayne County is running out of pr! oducts to sell in the fast-paced, competitive game of
industry recruitment, consultants say. And it's time to build up the inventory.
The products are industrial sites -- land and vacant buildings the county can use to attract companies.
"You need sites in a hurry," said consultant Robin Spinks of Greenfield Associates. "There is very little product in
your inventory right now."
Ms. Spinks and Mary Lilley of Greenfield Associa tes in Wrightsville Beach have been taking stock of potential
industrial sites in Wayne County under a $10,000 study commissioned by the Economic Development
Commission. The consultants, who are often hired by companies to find sites, presented their preliminary findings
during an EDC retreat Friday. The weekend retreat was the first one by the EDC in three years. It was held at
Atlantic Beach, with 27 government, education and business leaders in Wayne County attending.
The consultants recommended that the county! prepare four types of sites to attract companies: one with 500 or
more acres, one with 100 to 500 acres, one with 50 to 100 acres and several sites of 5 to 50 acres.
The consultants found nine potential sites, all of which are vacant land:
Two are in northwestern Wayne, one with about 500 acres and another with about 200 acres.
One is south of Pikeville with about 350 acres.
Three are west of Goldsboro, ranging in size from 100 to 25 0 acres.
One is at Grantham with about 375 acres.
One is between Goldsboro and Mount Olive with about 130 acres.
And one is south of Mount Olive with about 100 acres.
The exact locations were not revealed to the public, because the study is still under way. No property owners have
been contacted, and neither the EDC nor the county commissioners have decided to act on the recommendations.
But those attending the retreat seemed receptive to the idea.
The sites would serve as alternatives to ParkEast ! Business and Industrial Park off Martin Luther King Expressway.
Economic leaders say different types of property are needed to attract companies that are not interested in being in
an industrial park or that may want to be in a park that has fewer restrictions than ParkEast. The sites could
become industrial parks, or they could stand alone.
"Economic development is selling," Ms. Lilley said. "You are selling product, and your product is your si te."
The message of having industrial sites isn't new to EDC members, who have been told the same thing over and
over by state officials and by visiting company representatives.
But the problem comes with finding land suitable for industrial development and getting the amount of investment
needed to prepare it. Land with all the amenities that companies want, like sewer and water lines, highway access
and natural-gas service, is not easily found in rural Wayne, Ms. Spinks said.
The land should b! e close to utility lines. And most important of all, it must have fast access -- now, or in the future
-- to Interstates 95 or 40. All of the potential areas are close to existing highways or future ones like the future
U.S. 117 and the proposed U.S. 70 Bypass.
Companies also want to be away from residential areas, to avoid potential conflicts, Ms. Lilley said. Only about
one-third of the county has zoning, which means that in most of the county, peopl e can build whatever they want,
where ever they want.
Many companies are reluctant to build a plant where residential development could grow near them, Ms. Lilley
said. They foresee neighbors complaining about noise, traffic or other problems. The consultants said the nine sites
are far enough from residential areas to avoid conflicts.
Some county leaders have pressed for zoning that would provide orderly growth and preserve potential industrial
sites. Without zoning, the other option to ! buy enough land to provide a buffer between the business and
surrounding property, Ms. Spinks said.
Then comes the problem of how to obtain the land. So far, the county commissioners have been the lead
organization in funding industry-recruitment projects. One possibility is for the county to buy the land like it did with
the back portion of the ParkEast Business and Industrial Park.
Ms. Spinks said another way may be to take out options. This works by th e county paying a certain percentage of
the price of the land. The property owner gets the rest of the money when the property is sold to a company. The
property owner also agrees to let the county market the land to industry. Ms. Spinks recommended that the county
take out options for at least five years with automatic renewals.
The county could also obtain a letter of intent from the land owner guaranteeing the property's sale. But some
companies are uncomfortable with that, she said! .
Once the property is available for sale to companies, it must be prepared. Companies want land that is ready to be
built upon, Ms Lilley said. That means conducting surveys, preparing maps, soil tests and other preparations. It
costs about $50,000 to prepare each site. The county can get state grants to pay for it, she said.
But the bottom line, the consultants said, is that companies expect cheap -- or free -- land and buildings. And once
they own them, they want to be able to act fast to construct a new building or to move into an existing one.
"They're in a hurry," said Ms. Spinks. "And they want to be able to get it as cheap as possible."
These community leaders attended the two-day, EDC retreat at Atlantic Beach:
From Wayne County government -- Arnold Flowers, county commissioner and EDC member; Borden Parker,
county attorney; Ken Gerrard, county commissioner and EDC member; Efton Sager, county commissioner;
Connie Price, planni! ng director.
From Goldsboro government -- Chuck Allen, city councilman and EDC member; Hal Plonk, mayor; Lee
Worsley, assistant city manager; and Richard Slozak, city manager.
From Mount Olive government -- Town Manager Ray McDonald; Mayor Louis Pate; Commissioner Ora Truzy;
and Paul Smalley, town commissioner and EDC member.
From the chambers of commerce -- John Peacock, president of the Wayne Chamber; Patti O'Donoghue,
executive director of the Mount Olive Chambe r; and Dave Quick, Wayne Chamber member.
From the EDC -- President Joanna Thompson; Dr. Ed Wilson, EDC chairman and president of Wayne
Community College; Jimmie Edmundson, EDC member and member of the state economic development board;
Dr. Bill Byrd, EDC member and president of Mount Olive College; George Kornegay; Buddy Pope; and Jimmie
From Seymour Johnson Air Force Base -- Steve Wagoner, commander of the 4th Support Group.
From Carolina Power & Light Co. -! - Fred West, community relations manager, and Dan Oliver, with Progressive


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